"Day of" Coordinator

Let’s be honest, not everyone can afford to include a full service wedding planner in their budget. Many also choose not to hire a planner because they want to plan all of the details from A to Z on their own. However, most would benefit from hiring a “Day Of” Coordinator. Our company is frequently contacted for “Day Of” services, and due to the increasing popularity of this service, it was important to share information with those in the planning stages of their Big event!

Did you know that most venues require an INSURED coordinator?

“Day of” actually means month of and sometimes even two months of the event day.

 The likelihood is that you have hired most of your vendors. Included in a “Day Of” coordination package is a team of coordinators that will be present for an initial meeting & a final walk through before the event.

Typically, includes a timeline that is constructed with all of the previously hired vendors to make sure that the day unfolds without a hitch.

We insure that everyone works as a team, so that the day will be smooth and stress free.

During our time together, we will go over everything that you have already planned and also suggest ways to consolidate, reduce or enhance the event for your consideration. You would be surprised how many times our client has that “ah ha” moment during our suggestions!

We will review all of the contracts that you might have with your vendors so that we can be sure that all is met.

 A planner can see problems before they even arise.

It is our job to point out where we think adjustments need to be made that may help make the day more perfect.

On the actual event day, the “Day Of” service also means WCE is there from the beginning to the end!

 This means we are there to fix any problem that may arise. We also act as the “point person” for the venue, vendors and event guests.

The idea is that no one bothers our client with any questions because we are on hand to answer them.

Unfortunately, we have seen instances where a vendor that was hired & either didn’t show up, showed up late or just didn’t do their job.

This is precisely why WCE is a step above many in that we do our best to fill in those gaps — whether it means bussing tables, pouring champagne, even running to a store to get more ice because we are experienced in every role!

Ultimately, a “Day Of” Coordinator is a priceless asset to have.

Even if a venue has a coordinator on staff, that person works for the venue and not for YOU! A “Day Of” Coordinator is truly an affordable alternative to a full-service wedding planner, and something that all event clients should consider.

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